-Ignition Assembly Tips: Loosen stator screws and use feeler gauge to adjust stator and flywheel clearance between flywheel and stator. Tighten stator screws when everything is centered. Rotate engine a few times to be sure flywheel clears the stator at different angles. Be sure engine is making a good ground connection.

Installation pictures

PW80 High Performance Ignition Kit - increased engine power output from low end through the whole power band. Black Dragon hi performance PW80 ignition kit is designed for maximum power output. The PW80 will feel more responsive right off an idle all the way through the powerband. Featuring a special lightweight flywheel to reduce rotating mass on the engine crankshaft. This allows the engine to reach higher RPM more quickly. The Black Dragon ignition kit also has a higher spark output than the stock PW80 ignition for increased power. Ideal choice for replacement of failed stock ignition that needs to be replaced or as a high performance accessory part.

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Small screws holding the plastic plate come with lock tight applied. You can mount the coil in any convenient place on the frame

*Sale prices may change without notice.  *Guarantee covers replacement/exchange on defective parts no more then 30 days after purchase with returned defective parts sent back to us by customer.

Black Dragon brand represents custom and  hand-crafted high performance original Ignition kits with the best quality material and components available. Our high quality ignition system is of even better quality than OEM stock parts, which is why we offer a 30-day guarantee* on our ignition systems.

Pw80 Ignition Kit